Forsus Appliance Treatment

Forsus Appliance Treatment

What is a Forsus Appliance?

A Forsus appliance, which is also called a Forsus spring, is a device that is used to help correct overbites. In a nutshell, it works by moving the upper teeth back and the lower teeth forward. More specifically, the Forsus appliance, which is used in patients who are currently wearing braces, is a spring coil rod that connects the upper and lower braces. The spring applies continuous pressure to develop the lower jaw, which in turn will push the bottom teeth forward while moving the upper teeth back.

The Forsus appliance accomplishes similar results to the headgear that were very common years ago, but happily it is much more comfortable, works faster, and is more efficient. In most cases, it can eliminate the need for headgear, premolar teeth extractions, or corrective jaw surgery.

The Many Benefits of the Forsus Appliance

  • The Forsus appliance is quick to install, only requiring one appointment.
  • It allows you to move your jaw normally, meaning eating and speech won’t be affected.
  • There are no gaps in the coil, so you don’t have to worry about food becoming trapped.
  • The Forsus appliance is not bulky, and it is easy to clean.
  • Compliance with elastics is not as vital with the Forsus orthodontic appliance, allowing your orthodontist to properly correct overjets when elastic wear is not ideal.

How Long Do I Have to Wear a Forsus Appliance?

Forsus springs are used in conjunction with braces and are typically worn for 3-8 months. As a bonus, unlike rubber bands or headgear, you do not have to remember to wear it. It works around the clock, using continuous gentle forces to provide as efficient a treatment time as possible.

What does a Forsus Appliance Feel like?

You might notice some discomfort as your teeth adjust to the new orthodontic appliance. This is normal and should lessen in a few days. If your soreness doesn’t go away and you find the spring gets in your way, contact your Woodlands, TX orthodontist, Dr. Kendra Pratt, as you might need an adjustment on the fit.

What if the Forsus spring is rubbing my cheek or I am biting on the spring?

It’s normal to have small sores on the inside of your cheeks while your mouth adjusts to the spring. To help alleviate this common issue, try placing some cotton rolls in between the Forsus spring and your cheek until your mouth adjusts to the appliance.

The Forsus appliance is designed to stay away from your teeth when you are chewing and out of the way from your normal bite. Because the appliance can break or become dislodged from your braces if you move your jaw excessively, try not to wiggle the spring or open your mouth too wide, as that could disrupt the spring. If the spring gets in the way when you close your mouth, do not bite on it. Biting on the appliance might break it or cause injury to your teeth and the inside of your mouth. If you find that the spring is preventing you from closing your mouth, please call our office and schedule a time to have the Forsus spring checked.

Can I Still Eat Normally with the Forsus Appliance?

While you should be able to eat the vast majority of your favorite foods after being fitted with a Forsus appliance, we do ask that you are careful about a few things. Avoid hard or sticky foods and be sure to cut your food into smaller pieces so it doesn’t damage the spring.

How do I clean a Forsus Appliance?

Keeping your Forsus orthodontic appliance and your teeth clean is key to maintaining your braces and an overall positive orthodontic experience. Try to brush your teeth immediately after eating, so that food particles don’t have a chance to stay stuck in your braces or your Forsus appliance.

If you have any questions, or are experiencing issues with your Forsus appliance, give Dr. Pratt’s office in The Woodlands, TX near Magnolia and Tomball, TX, a call at 281-367-0050 (Woodlands) or 936-596-1200 (Montgomery) today!

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