Invisalign and Spark Clear Aligner Treatment for Teens

Invisalign and Spark Clear Aligner Treatment for Teens

Approximately 75% of teenagers experience orthodontic issues with their developing teeth and alignment of their bites. Teens are already self-conscious so having a mouth full of metal braces to fix those issues may not be desirable.

Teeth-straightening options for teens that do not use metal braces include Invisalign Teen and the Spark Clear Aligner System. Since these products use invisible aligners, these options are ideal for anyone who does not want other people to see that they are trying to straighten their teeth. With Invisalign Teen and the Spark Clear Aligner System, young adults can straighten their teeth while avoiding the social stigma associated with braces.

Benefits of Invisalign Teen and the Spark Clear Aligner System

Aesthetic Appeal – Custom-crafted, clear-plastic, invisible aligners are virtually impossible for others to detect. This feature eliminates embarrassment associated with traditional metal braces.

Treatment Motivation – Tiny indicators inside each tray track whether the teen wears their trays as prescribed. This monitoring produces better results more quickly and boosts cooperation.

Good Investment – We understand that younger patients may misplace their belongings. Therefore, we offer six replacement aligner trays for each Invisalign Teen patient.

Versatile Orthodontic Treatment – Clear aligners can treat a wide variety of malocclusions, ranging from mild dental issues to more severe conditions.

Convenience – Unlike the process with traditional metal braces, orthodontic treatment with clear aligners requires fewer office visits and appointment times are shorter.

Freedom to Enjoy Food – Because Invisalign Teen and the Spark Clear Aligner System have removable aligner trays, young people receiving treatment with these products can enjoy their favorite foods without any restrictions.

Maintain Oral Health – Since users can remove clear aligner trays for twice-daily teeth brushing and flossing, maintaining proper oral hygiene during treatment is easy.

No Irritation – Since there are no brackets or wires that dig into soft tissue, there is no risk of mouth damage or irritation with Invisalign Teen or the Spark Clear Aligner System.

Improved Quality of Life – Some teens find it difficult to play a musical instrument or participate in sports while wearing traditional braces. With clear aligners, young adults do not face those limitations. Teenagers can remove their clear aligner trays whenever they wish to participate in an activity.

Other clear aligner treatment options

Spark Clear Aligner System and Invisalign treatments are also available for adults. A confident smile is beneficial for everyone, especially for someone who interacts with people frequently, such as a business executives, pastors, customer service agents, and greeters.

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