Clear Braces

Clear Braces

While traditional braces are an effective way to properly align one’s teeth, they aren’t for everyone. Traditional braces are notorious for being uncomfortable, and while modern technology has largely addressed this issue, they can still cause some discomfort.

However, in recent years, a new alternative to traditional braces has come along: Empower clear braces. These innovative braces are not only more comfortable, but they also utilize clear brackets that not only make Empower braces more discreet, but also easier to adjust.

If you want amazing orthodontic results without the visibility of traditional braces, Empower self-ligating braces might be for you! These aesthetically-pleasing braces use innovative technology to improve on the concept of traditional braces, resulting in an orthodontic treatment that looks great and really works.

Benefits of Empower Braces

Empower braces come with many benefits that make them a viable and attractive option for many orthodontic patients. Here are just a few:

  • Empower clear braces don’t require colored elastic ties, giving them a more streamlined appearance than traditional braces. This also makes Empower braces far quicker and easier to adjust than normal braces.
  • Empower braces are available in self-ligating ceramic braces, which are clear, for a more discreet look. This also allows the braces to blend in with your teeth for a more aesthetically pleasing feel.
  • The low friction application of Empower braces means the teeth move in a more comfortable manner since the braces do not require the friction of color ties.
  • The self-ligating gate on Empower Clear negates the need for color ties, so the braces will not stain or turn yellow. Elimination of color ties also decreases plaque accumulation, which means they are easier to maintain cleanliness resulting in better oral hygiene during treatment.

Why Empower Braces Are Different

Empower braces use two different types of force, interactive and passive, to get even more controlled results than traditional braces but with less discomfort. In fact, Empower clear braces were the first brand of braces to offer both interactive and passive bracket designs in a unified system.

Interactive forces move teeth steadily with exceptional torque and working control in the finishing phases.

Passive forces allow wires to pass through, allowing a smooth movement process and lower frictional forces throughout treatment.

Empower brackets are molded, which allow for greater strength while also making them more attractive to look at. The clear brackets also have the advantage of allowing for easier tooth identification during the bonding process.

These two systems allow for optimal treatment with fewer visits to the orthodontist, as they don’t need as much maintenance as traditional braces.

We offer ceramic aesthetic braces for a look that works with your lifestyle. They also don’t require any rubber bands, which can become discolored over time and need to be replaced frequently.

In addition, Empower clear braces do not use plastic ligatures like other braces, meaning that your braces are less likely to stain while you are wearing them, making it easier to maintain the whiteness of your teeth.

Empower gives you the control, and these braces are perfect for patients of all ages.

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See for yourself the difference that Empower braces can make for your smile.

Empower Clear Braces FAQs

Many types of braces can help straighten your smile, and our goal is to help you find the exact orthodontic device you need. In our practice, we’ve found many patients enjoy the comfort and convenience of Empower clear braces. Thanks to their state-of-the-art technology, they typically involve quicker appointments with esthetic treatment success.

What are Empower Clear Braces?

Empower Clear Braces are technologically advanced and use a ceramic bracket system that allows them to be self-ligating and clear. Because they are self-ligating, they use clips to keep the archewires in place instead of stain-inducing rubber bands.

Why choose Empower Clear Braces?

Thanks to the self-ligating design, orthodontists can make faster wire adjustments during your appointments. The clear structure is more aesthetically appealing. You can enjoy having fewer appointments, more comfortable braces, and less metal.

How do Empower Clear Braces work?

These braces don’t use elastics. Instead, the archwire can naturally slide through your brackets, which helps to reduce friction, thereby, straightening your teeth more comfortably.

What can you eat with Empower Clear Braces?

As a general rule, you should follow the same eating restrictions that you use with traditional braces. To keep your clear braces protected, you should avoid sticky, hard, or gummy foods.

How do you brush your teeth with Empower Clear Braces?

You should brush around the brackets and wires as thoroughly as possible after every meal. Otherwise, plaque can build up and lead to cavities. Angle your toothbrush at 45 degrees above and below the braces, forcing your bristles under the archwires.

Do Empower Clear Braces hurt?

These braces are generally not painful when your orthodontist bonds them to your teeth, but they can cause some discomfort. Your teeth will begin moving about 6 hours after the braces are placed, so it is recommended to take over-the-counter painkillers, like acetaminophen or ibuprofen for the first 3 days.  These medicines can also help if you experience pain after each adjustment.

Do Empower Clear Braces Need Tightening?

Unlike traditional braces, self-ligating braces don’t need to be tightened. When your archwires are adjusted to a larger size, you may feel more pressure for a few days.

Do Empower Clear Braces Stain?

These braces don’t cause staining because they don’t have rubber elastics that hold the archwires in place.  Instead of an elastic, that can stain, a brushed metal clip holds the wire in place.  The metal clip blends in with the archwire, for an esthetic smile.

Are there any disadvantages to getting clear braces?

The only real disadvantage is the bracket size. Clear braces generally have slightly larger brackets, to give strength to the ceramic the brace is made out of.

Getting Empower Clear Braces can help you discover a healthier, more beautiful smile. To learn more about our practice or schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Pratt Manning.

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