Orthodontic Emergencies Near The Woodlands, TX

Orthodontic Emergencies Near The Woodlands, TX

When something goes wrong with your orthodontics, don’t panic. The best thing to do is remain calm and try to come in to see our emergency orthodontist as soon as possible. Dr. Pratt Manning is always happy to help with orthodontic emergencies, and is available for walk-in emergency appointments at our office in The Woodlands, TX.

Examples of Orthodontic Emergencies

There are a few different problems that might qualify as a dental emergency, ranging in levels of seriousness. These include:

  • Serious pain or discomfort that can’t be managed with over-the-counter painkillers.
  • Injury to the mouth that damages the orthodontics or the teeth.
  • Damage to the appliance, such as a loose bracket.
  • A protruding archwire that irritates your mouth.
  • Infection anywhere in the mouth.

What to Do

Some of these orthodontic emergencies do not require immediate treatment. If you have a loose bracket, it can usually wait until your next appointment, as can a protruding wire. You can put dental wax over any areas that rub or cause you discomfort until your emergency orthodontist near you in The Woodlands, TX can fix them.

Damage to your mouth or braces, on the other hand, requires emergency orthodontic care. If any part of your braces falls out, try to save it and bring it in to your emergency orthodontist so it can be fixed. Otherwise, try to come in as soon as you can so that any damage to your mouth or appliance can be repaired.

If you have an orthodontic emergency and aren’t sure whether you should come in right away, give our office a call. Dr. Pratt Manning is an emergency orthodontist near you in The Woodlands, TX that can make accommodations so that we can get your problem treated as soon as possible.

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