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At Manning Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on providing specialized orthodontic care in Magnolia. Driven by the expertise of our orthodontists, our practice offers comprehensive treatments designed to align teeth and enhance smiles efficiently and effectively. Whether you are beginning your orthodontic journey or seeking advanced care, we're here to ensure you receive the highest standard of orthodontic treatment.

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Meet Kendra Manning, DDS, MS

Dr. Kendra C. Pratt Manning is one of only a handful of Board-Certified orthodontists in The Woodlands. She is a local graduate of Magnolia High School where she was valedictorian and cheerleader and ran track. She is proud to be serving the community in which she grew up.


Dr. Manning was inducted into two prestigious dental societies upon graduation—Omicron Kappa Upsilon Dental Honor Society and Alpha Omega—which honors less than one percent of dental students nationwide. She also received the Awards for Excellence in Basic Science and Excellence in Clinical Dentistry.

Dr. Manning continued her excellence in education at the University of Texas Dental Branch at Houston, where she was the Chief Resident her first year and worked hard to author a published article in the American Dental Journal while earning her Master of Science degree in Orthodontics.

She scored in the top two percent in the nation on her written exam for Board Certification. She shortly thereafter began her path to full diplomat status through the American Board of Orthodontics. Her clinical exam utilized patients she treated in her private practice in The Woodlands.

Understanding the Role of Orthodontists vs. Dentists

While both dentists and orthodontists contribute significantly to dental health, their roles are distinct. Dentists primarily focus on general dental health issues such as tooth decay, gum disease, and routine cleanings. Orthodontists, however, specialize in the alignment of teeth and jaws. After completing dental school, orthodontists undergo additional years of advanced training exclusively in orthodontics, gaining skills essential for managing tooth movement and facial development. This specialized training makes orthodontists the experts in straightening teeth, correcting misaligned jaws, and ensuring optimal function and aesthetics.

The Comprehensive Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Physical Benefits:

  • Enhanced Oral Health: Properly aligned teeth are easier to clean, reducing the risk of periodontal disease and decay. A well-aligned bite also decreases wear on teeth and can prevent jaw pain and TMJ disorders.
  • Improved Functionality: Orthodontic treatment improves chewing and speaking and can significantly enhance digestion and overall health.

Mental and Personal Benefits:

  • Increased Confidence: A straight, attractive smile boosts self-confidence, affecting how individuals view themselves and their interactions with others.
  • Reduced Anxiety: Many people feel self-conscious about their teeth. Correcting dental issues can relieve this anxiety, offering a sense of comfort in social situations.

Social Benefits:

  • Positive Impressions: A beautiful smile can greatly enhance social interactions. People often perceive well-aligned teeth as a sign of health and vitality.

Professional Benefits:

  • Career Advantages: A confident smile can influence professional opportunities. Aesthetic improvements from orthodontic treatment can lead to better first impressions, potentially impacting professional relationships and advancements.

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