How Do Orthodontists Correct Your Overbite?

One of the reasons why people visit an orthodontist is to get help with an overbite. This common problem occurs when the top teeth go too far past the bottom teeth. As a result, this can lead to bite problems, incisal wear and even tooth fracture.

An untreated overbite is more than just an aesthetic issue. It can also lead to migraines, headaches, neck pain, speech problems, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. Fortunately, you can fix this problem with the help of a skilled orthodontist.

What is an Overbite?

Orthodontists use the term overbite to describe the overlapping of lower teeth with upper teeth. They then categorize the overbite from normal to severe, depending on how far the top teeth extend past the lower teeth.

Issues an Overbite Can Cause

You can see in these overbite before-and-after photos how much an overbite impacts your overall appearance. It can also impact your physical health in the following ways.

  • Fixing an overbite can prevent permanent damage to your teeth and gums. It can stop your enamel from being worn down prematurely.
  • Overbites can lead to TMJ and jaw pain.
  • Because of TMJ and jaw pain, you may suffer from headaches, tinnitus, or migraines.
  • An overbite can cause speech problems or eating issues.
  • Some people develop a whistling sound or lisp while speaking because their tongue is in the wrong place in their mouth.
  • Children may suffer from bullying or confidence issues because of the way their teeth look.
  • The teeth may be more likely to become chipped or injured during normal activities or sports.

Ways an Orthodontist Can Treat an Overbite

Thankfully, there are many ways to fix an overbite. You can use Damon System braces, clear aligners, or traditional braces. The right system depends on your personal needs and the severity of the problem.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces can initially be used to straighten your teeth. After your teeth are straight, rubber bands (elastics) and springs can be used to bring your teeth into position. Overall, this process can take around six months to two years.

Damon System Braces

Damon System braces use a slide mechanism instead of braces and wires like traditional braces do. They are gentler on your mouth tissue and teeth. Like traditional braces, treatment can take between a few months to two years to complete.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are popular because they are invisible and can be removed when you are eating and brushing and flossing. In these cases, it will take 6 to 30 months to fix an overbite with clear aligners.

Benefits of Overbite Correction

By correcting your overbite, you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • You can enjoy better oral health.
  • Your enamel will be worn down less.
  • You are less likely to suffer from headaches, TMJ, and migraines.
  • You can enjoy a more beautiful smile.

How Long Will It Take to Correct an Overbite?

How long it takes to fix an overbite depends on how severe the problem is and the method you choose. In general, you can expect it to take between six months to two years to fix your overbite.

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