Help Your Kids Learn to Enjoy Braces

Braces and other forms of orthodontic treatment are usually done at an early age to correct dental problems that may become chronic if left untreated. Children, generally, are not very fond of braces; this is because of the social stigma attached to braces. This stigma coupled with teenage struggles with social identity makes it difficult for them to enjoy wearing braces.

Your job as a parent is to find ways to make your child see their braces from a different perspective and get to actually like wearing them. Here, we explore some tips which we believe will make your child see braces more like a cool accessory.

1. Customize Your Child’s Braces

Allow your child make a fashion statement with their braces. Modern-day braces are fully customizable. Your child can choose from gold-colored braces to ceramic and even tooth-colored dental braces—the styling choices are infinite. Your child can also pick their favorite colors for their rubber bands which can be changed according to season or at whim. Even the brackets are not left out as there are now fashion brackets which come in various shapes- soccer balls, stars or hearts. Rather than making your child feel the brace was forced on them, allowing them to take charge of their choice of braces is a boost for their self-esteem, and will make them wear the braces with pride.

2. Reward Every Trip

A visit to the dentist is not an activity your child will look forward to. Try to make it an enjoyable and memorable experience by combining the visit with an activity your child finds enjoyable. Time spent bonding and having fun together will help make them feel better about visiting the dentist, and they will always look forward to the next appointment.

3. Find Before and After Photos

Make your child identify with their favorite celebrities who have used braces, so they know they are not alone. Browse the internet and find pictures of celebrities before and after braces. Let them know their dentition will be as beautiful and as perfect as that of their idol once they complete their treatment. Seeing the results will bring down their barriers against the use of braces. Use this opportunity to take their “before” pictures so they could use it at a later date to compare with their post braces smile.

4. Create a Special Shopping List

Create a list of all the foods your child should avoid. This helps prevent damage to their braces and avoid awkward situations like having food trapped in their braces. Hard foods and snacks should be avoided to safeguard brackets and wires. Explain to them in clear terms why they should avoid those particular foods. Create a special shopping list to make your child feel special, rather than feeling left out because of their braces and the fact that their diet is limited. Incorporate lots of soft, easy-to-chew, nutritious food in the list.

As a parent, you can think of more creative ways of making this corrective treatment fun and enjoyable. With a little patience and plenty of imagination, you will have your child wearing their braces happily.