Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Pediatric Orthodontist Appointment in The Woodlands, TX

Sometimes, despite all of your best-laid plans, life gets in the way. A significant event will arise and throw your whole life into chaos. It’s at times like these when many people will try to eliminate any unneeded stress from their life.

Unfortunately, some people will not view their pediatric orthodontist appointment as a priority and may even opt to skip it altogether. This is a mistake as it could have dire consequences for your child’s teeth. It is also necessary for your orthodontist to check for decalcification (white spots) and adequate brushing regularly.  Skipping appointments could result in progressive damage to the enamel of your child’s teeth.

Adjustments are a Must

Braces place pressure on your teeth in order to slowly move them. Over time, this pressure will reduce, making it necessary for a pediatric orthodontist to re-establish the force needed by adjusting brackets, replacing rubber bands, etc. Without regular adjustments, your teeth will eventually stop moving and no progress can be made.

In addition to regular adjustments, your pediatric orthodontist will need to check if any teeth are not moving properly or if an unforeseen problem has arisen. The sooner an orthodontist can catch these issues, the better.

Every person’s teeth are unique, meaning that you can’t compare your experience with braces with another person. A pediatric orthodontist will be able to closely monitor your child’s braces experience and personalize the process accordingly.

Multiple Financial Solutions

Some people opt to skip pediatric orthodontist appointments in The Woodlands, TX due to financial troubles. However, many orthodontist offices, the office of Dr. Kendra Pratt Manning included, offer multiple financial solutions to help ensure your child can get the care that they need.

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