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Manning Orthodontics is dedicated to providing top-quality orthodontic care to our community. With advanced technology and a commitment to personalized treatment, our practice is equipped to help you achieve the smile you've always wanted. Visit our location in The Woodlands for all your orthodontic needs.

Services for The Woodlands Orthodontics

At Manning Orthodontics, we offer a range of orthodontic treatments to suit the diverse needs of our patients:

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Metal Braces

Metal braces are a traditional and highly effective method for correcting a variety of orthodontic issues. Known for their durability and precision, metal braces continue to be a popular choice for patients of all ages looking to achieve significant dental improvements.

Clear Braces

Clear braces provide a less noticeable alternative to metal braces. Made from transparent materials, they offer an aesthetic solution for patients who are conscious about the appearance of traditional braces. Clear braces combine the effectiveness of metal braces with the advantage of discretion.

Clear Aligners

For those seeking a virtually invisible treatment option, clear aligners are an excellent choice. These custom-made aligners are removable and made of a clear, flexible material that gently shifts teeth into place over time. They are perfect for patients who prioritize aesthetics and convenience.

Advantages of Orthodontics Across All Ages

Orthodontic treatment is beneficial at any age, offering both aesthetic and health advantages:


Initiating orthodontic treatment at a young age can be instrumental in guiding the development of the jaw and proper alignment of the teeth. Early intervention can correct potential future complications such as overcrowding, misaligned bites, or incorrect jaw development. This proactive approach can minimize or eliminate the need for more extensive orthodontic treatments later in life. Moreover, addressing issues early can help prevent other problems related to poor oral health, such as difficulty in cleaning misaligned teeth, which can lead to decay and gum disease.

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The teenage years are often when most people undergo orthodontic treatment. This timing is ideal because the body is still growing, making it easier to correct dental issues. For teens, having straight teeth can significantly boost self-confidence, which is crucial during these formative years. A beautiful smile can enhance social interactions, improve self-esteem, and lead to a more positive self-image. Additionally, well-aligned teeth are easier to clean and maintain, which instills good oral hygiene habits that can last a lifetime.

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More adults are now choosing orthodontic treatment, recognizing that it's never too late to improve their dental health and aesthetics. Orthodontics for adults not only helps in achieving a more attractive smile but can also dramatically improve oral health. Properly aligned teeth reduce the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and uneven wear on the teeth. Furthermore, correcting bite issues can alleviate symptoms of jaw pain and headaches. On a professional and social level, a great smile can make a strong first impression and boost a person's confidence in their personal and professional relationships.

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