Reducing Orthodontic Treatment Discomfort

For most people, achieving the smile of their dreams involves going through orthodontic treatment. At our dental office in The Woodlands, we understand that orthodontic treatment can often be accompanied by some discomfort due to your mouth becoming accustomed to the braces. Looking for ways to reduce discomfort from your orthodontic treatment? Follow along!

Salt-Water Mouth Rinse

When your braces are tightened, they can often create sores inside of the mouth, leading to discomfort and sometimes pain. Mix about one tablespoon of salt into 1 cup of warm water and swish the warm water in your mouth. This can reduce irritation, inflammation, and discomfort along with preventing the sores from getting any bigger.

Over-the-Counter Medication

Each and every orthodontic patient at our orthodontic office in The Woodlands has a different pain threshold, while some may only experience a dull, annoying ache others may experience pain which limits their ability to speak and even eat. Over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol can reduce the discomfort.

Ice Pack

When adjustments are made to braces, they can often cause irritation and inflammation of the gums, leading to discomfort. Placing an ice pack on the outside of the mouth can help reduce swelling, irritation, and discomfort. You may also suck on a piece of ice to help relieve symptoms.

Oral Anesthetic

Oral anesthetics such as Orajel or Anbesol can provide discomfort and pain relief experienced by orthodontic treatment by numbing the area. These products can be applied to the gums and even teeth to relieve any symptoms.

If you feel as though your orthodontic treatment is causing too much discomfort, irritation or pain, do not hesitate to contact our Woodlands orthodontic practice. We would be happy to schedule an appointment and assess your orthodontic treatment to determine why you are experiencing so much discomfort.

Got additional questions about your orthodontic treatment? Contact our Woodlands orthodontist! Dr. Kendra Pratt Manning would be happy to answer any questions you may have.