4 Bad Habits That Harm Your Teeth

Tooth enamel is a mighty substance; it is the hardest material in the entire human body. The protective outer cover is super tough, yet, it is also quite vulnerable to damage.

Bad Habits That Affect Your Teeth

Although teeth are hard, they can be harmed easily, and many bad practices can put your dental health at risk over time. So, watch out for these 4 bad habits for your teeth:

  1. Nail Biting: Chewing or biting down on fingernails can cause chips or cracks in tooth enamel. The front teeth are typically most at risk for wear and tear from repeated nail-biting.
  2. Using Teeth as a Tool: While most of us have probably ripped open a packet or two at some point with our teeth, this is a bad practice that can take a toll on your teeth. Teeth are strong biting instruments, but they were not designed to serve as pliers or any other tool. Using your teeth as a tool regularly can lead to fractures, broken teeth and tooth loss.
  3. Gnawing on Writing Utensils: This mindless habit may seem harmless, but a few bites on a pencil can quickly lead to gnawing all the way to the eraser when in deep thought. Gnawing on pens and pencils tends to be an unconscious practice, but one you need to acknowledge. The constant pressure being placed on teeth can cause cracks, breaks, and damage to dental work.
  4. Chewing Ice: This common habit is bad news for teeth and dental work. The cold temperature weakens teeth, making them even more susceptible to chips, cracks, and breakage. The hard surface can chip at enamel and break down the whole tooth. If you chew ice daily, this bad oral habit can cause some serious tooth damage.

Do Your Chompers a Favor

Teeth were created to bite and chew food, nothing else. If you have developed one of these bad habits for your teeth, do your chompers a favor, and try chewing sugarless gum, then contact us at Dr. Kendra Pratt Manning Orthodontics. We have a wide range of options to help handle habit issues in children, teens, and adults. Learn more about our habit appliances and Invisalign options today.